Frequently Asked Questions - Licensees

Do I have to submit the original copy of my CEH certificate?: -
Answer - Yes, we prefer the original.  If you don't want to send the original, you must send a certified/notarized copy.
How do I check on the status of my renewal?: -
Answer - In order to check the status of your renewal, you can email us at or fax us at (775) 786-4264.  Include a return fax number, or we will mail your status check by way of U.S. Postal Service.  Allow a minimum of 24 to 48 hours for a response.  
How do I file a complaint?: -
Answer - Please click the link "File a Complaint."  In order to take action, we will need the form to be thoroughly completed.
How long does it take to process my renewal?: -
Answer - The processing of all renewals takes 10 to 15 business days from the date received in our office.   Renewals are processed in the order they are received.
How many continuing education hours (CEHs) do I need to renew my license?: -
Answer - You will need 12 CEH to renew your license.  36 CEH may be rolled over for a 3 year period.  For example, if you acquired 48 CEH after you first received your state license, 12 CEH will be applied to this year's renewal and 36 CEH carried over the next 3 years.
How many ethics hours do I need for my renewal?: -
Answer - We do not have category requirements for your yearly continuing education hours.
I am trying to print a renewal from from your website. Where is it?: -
Answer - Renewal forms are emailed or mailed out approximately 90 days prior to the expiration of your license. 
I attended a Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists board meeting. May I receive continuing education hours for attending?: -
Answer - Yes, please complete the Credit for Attending a Program Form located under the LICENSEE tab on the website and submit with your Renewal and appropriate fees. The sign-in sheet must be verified, and you will be given 1 hour of credit for every Board Meeting with a maximum of 8 hours per year. 
I do not have the required CEHs for my renewal. What can I do?: -
Answer - We do not recommend or endorse any providers, but you can locate National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork approved courses at the following websites:  
I got married (divorced) and want my name changed on my license, what do I do?: -
Answer -  Download the Duplicate License Affidavit under the LICENSEES tab. Please read the instructions, complete the form, and send to our office with the fee.  Your Duplicate License requested will be processed in 7-10 business days from the date received in our office.
I have my Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists License. Do I need any other licenses to do massage in Nevada?: -
Answer - Contact your local jurisdiction/municipalities where you do business to find out the requirements for business licensing.  Most cities require a business license.  If you are in private practice or working as an independent contractor, contact the Secretary of State for your Nevada State Business License.
I lost my license, how do I get another one?: -
Answer - Download the Duplicate License Affidavit under the LICENSEES tab.  Please read the instructions, complete the form, and send to our office with the appropriate fee.  Your duplicate license request will be processed within 7 - 10 business days from the date received in our office.
I moved but don't want to change the address on my license. What do I need to do?: -
Answer - You will need to update your address with the Board in writing. Send your new mailing address to our office via email, fax or U.S. Mail. A change of address form can be found on the LICENSEES tab.
I took some classes two years ago; may I apply these CEHs to my renewal?: -
Answer - No, the only continuing education hours (CEHs) that will be accepted are those that you acquired since your last renewal was submitted or if this is your first renewal since your original license was issued.
I want to change my address or name on my license, what do I do?: -
Answer - Download the Duplicate License Affidavit under the LICENSEES tab.  Please read the instructions, complete the form, and send to our office with the appropriate fee.  Your Duplicate License request will be processed in 7-10 business days from the date received in our office.
I want to do massage from my home. Is this legal?: -
Answer - You will need to check with your local jurisdiction where you live.  They may have business licensing laws that prohibit this from occurring.
I want to take some time off from practicing massage, what should I do?: -
Answer - You can request to put your license on inactive status.  Your license must be current when you email, fax or mail a letter stating that you wish to have your license put on inactive status.  Your license can remain in inactive status for up to 2 years.  If you decide to reactivate the license within the two years, you must submit the renewal form and 12 hours of continuing education for each year you were inactive along with the fees .
I want to transfer my license to another state. What forms do I need to complete?: -
Answer - You will need to complete a Verification of Licensure form.  This can be found under the LICENSEE tab.  Check with the state where you will transferring.  They will have a procedure you will need to complete as well.
I work for a Chiropractor. Do I still need a Massage Therapists License or can I practice under the Chiropractor?: -
Answer - Yes, you still need a Nevada State Massage Therapists license to practice massage therapy in a chiropractor's office.  You cannot practice massage under anyone else's license.
Is cross-gender massage legal in Nevada?: -
Answer - Cross-gender massage is legal in the State of Nevada.  Clark County changed the code in March of 2009, and the City of Las Vegas changed the code in September of 2008 allowing cross-gender massage to be performed throughout the state.
May I pick up my license in the office?: -
Answer - Unfortunately, no.
May I put the letters LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) or MT (Massage Therapist) after my name?: -
Answer - Under NRS 640C.910 - only if you are a Nevada State Licensed Massage Therapist.  Pursuant to NRS 640C.930 (3) and NAC 640C.930 you also must include your license number on all advertising.
May I submit my CEHs from last year for this year?: -
Answer - No, all credits in excess must be submitted at the time of the renewal in the year in which the CEHs were taken.  Example:  Renewal period March 1, 2008 - February 28, 2009.  All CEHs taken between March 1, 2007 - February 28, 2008 must be submitted at that time to be counted for rollover hours.  You have until your expiration date to submit CEHs to be used for rollover.
May I take my photo myself and make it 2x2?: -
Answer - Yes, you may, but please make sure that it is a white background showing head and shoulders and printed on photo paper.  See the link for more clarification.
My license is expired. What do I need to do?: -
Answer - You must submit a renewal form, the renewal fee, and 12 CEHs for each year you are expired as well as $25 per month in late fees.  The late fees are limited to $500.  If your license has expired for more 2 years, you will be required to reapply as a new applicant and pay the application fee of $380.  You also will have to submit fingerprints for a background check.
What are your office hours?: -
Answer - The office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The office is closed Saturday and Sunday, all state holidays, and for Board meetings.
What does certified/notarized copy mean?: -
Answer - You must take your original and the copy to a notary and have the copy notarized.
What is your contact information?: -
Answer - We may be reached in the Reno Office or by email.
When do I need to download a Continuing Education Form?: -
Answer - If you obtained CEHs that are not certified by the NCBTMB, approved by the Commission on Postsecondary Education, or taken at an institution of higher learning and/or the university system, you will find the CEH forms under the LICENSEES tab.
Where do I park when I go to the Reno Office?: -
Answer - Park in the parking area off of Plumb Lane and adjacent to the building.  If you park in the lot off of Terminal Way, you may get a ticket from Airport Security.
Where do I send my license/renewal/application package?: -
Answer - You may upload your renewal information through the web portal, or you may submit to the address above.
Will you overnight my license to me?: -
Answer - Once your renewal has processed through the normal system.  We will only overnight your license if you provide a prepaid Federal Express, UPS, or United States Postal Service Priority envelope when you submit your renewal.

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